Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles & Poodles ~ offering a variety of traits for your pairings. Look no further!

Live/Ai/Shipping and willing to travel.

We have a reproduction vet out of Ottawa, Ontario that is well known for their success in shipping within Canada and the U.S.

NEW – We now offer travel to many cities in NY State, as well as shipping from the United States.


Ai – included with our studs ($100.00 initial and $50.00 each additional)

Progestrone testing – $75.00 (results within 15 mins)

1 test included with stud services below.

Ultrasound – $150.00 to confirm pregnacy (video/images included)


Leo ~ Mini Goldendoodle

F1b Miniature Goldendoodle: 17 pounds

Leo is a gem. We are over the moon to have his pedigree in our program. Leo is in an amazing guardian home with teenage girls who adore him. He has the best energy and is always ready for affection. He enjoys walks, car rides, and meeting everyone.

Ee, Kbky, bb, atat, Ssp, mm

FF -/+

25.7% GR

Embark Dog DNA: Details & documentation

OFA: Excellent hips, elbows, patellas, heart, CAER

Kerri 613-561-0400

Elliot ~ Mini Goldendoodle

Mulitgenerational Goldendoodle:

28 pounds Height 20 inches

Handsome on every angle. Elliot has a remarkable wavy coat, liver nose, and stunning green eyes. He is human focused, treat motivated, and ready to please. Now ready to produce stunning pups.

ee, Kbky, bb, ata, Ssp, mm

FF -/+

22.4% GR

Embark Dog DNA:

OFA: Hips, Elbows, Heart, Patella’s, CAER

Kerri 613-561-0400


Bruno ~ Mini Poodle

Bruno is our sweet Miniature Poodle. He is loving, smart and an easy going little guy. His guardian family can’t say enough about Bruno’s smart and calm personaity. We are super thrilled to have added him to our program.

Eme, kyky, ata, bb, Ssp

FF +/+

20-25 pounds


OFA’s- Pending

GEORGE ~ Mini Poodle


Miniature Poodle : 11 pounds

George is the poster boy for the intelligence of poodles. He is happy and loves to play. He is in a loving guardian home who enjoys to dress him in different outfits daily. I think he enjoys it also. He has sired many wonderful litters.

ee, Kbky, bb, awat, SS, mm

FF +/+

Embark Dog DNA: Details & documentation
OFA Testing: Heart, Elbow, Eyes, Patella
Pennhip Testing: View Results

Kerri 613-561-0400

Charlie – Toy Poodle

Charlie ~ Toy PoodleCharlie is our upcoming sweet toy poodle, expecting him to be 6-8 pounds fully grown. He is energetic, loving and highly intelligent. Charlie is living in Toronto area with his loving guardian family.

Ee, Kbky, ayat, bb, SS, M*m

FF +/-

I copy of IVDD

OFA’S – Pending


Kerri 613-561-0400

Riggs ~ Moyen Poodle

Riggs is an AKC Registered Tri-coloured poodle. He is 32 pounds and 22.5 inches tall. Riggs has sired many healthy litters and produces stunning puppies. He lives with his Guardian family in the Ottawa area who say he is the smartest and most affectionate dog they have owned. Ee, Kyky, Bb, atat, Spsp

Embark: results

OFA & Pennhip Tested

For more information on Riggs call/text:

Wendy 613-282-4333


Moose – Bernedoodle


Moose is our little heart warmer. He lives up to the silly and loveable personality traits Bernedoodle are known for. He loves his walks, and playing his paw sibling. You will find Moose snuggled up with his favourite human parents when he is all tired out for the day. His phantom markings are stunning and we love that he doesn’t carry the parti gene.

EmE, kyky, atat, bb, SS, Mm*
FI furnished -/+ for coat texture

21 inches

48 pounds

OFA: Hips, Elbows, Heart, Patella’s, CAER

Kerri 613-561-0400


Easton – Mini Bernedoodle


Easton is our stunning chocolate tri male. He is affectionate and is learning super quickly. We are so pleased with his personality and cannot wait to have his testing completed. Expected weight 35-40 pounds.

Embark: Ee, kyky, atat, bb, mm, F1, -/-

1 notable CDM1

33% BMD

OFA: Pending

Kerri 613-561-0400

Spud – Mini Bernedoodle

Spud is a F1b Bernedoodle matured weight 25 pounds. Spud loves playing with his doggy brother and sisters. He was a dream to train. He has apricot with white Tuxedo markings 8/10. Clear of Bernedoodle DM

ee, kyky, atat, BB, ssp, mm
FI furnished +/+ for coat texture


OFA: Hips, Elbows, Heart, Patella’s, CAER

For Spud please call/text:

Amanda 613-661-3211


Please contact us at:

Text 613-561-0400